The Aim

To have as many as possible join in the intercessory prayer for those affected by the coronavirus pandemic and provide  the opportunity to support them with a donation.

Together We Can

With confidence in God, we can counterbalance the statistics of infections and deaths by prayer, support, hope, and unity by creating the Map of Light.

A Prayer for You

The Mass is being celebrated at 7.00 p.m. (UTC+03:00) daily in Šiluva for those who participate in this project by their prayer or donation. 

How can I Join the Initiative?

<img class=”wp-image-12873″ style=”width: 40px;” src=”” alt=””> By prayer

1. Pray a decade of the Rosary (you choose which mysteries) for this project. How to pray the rosary click here >>.

2. Sign up on a prayer map (click on the red button) by entering your name and the city, town, or village you live in. The number will appear and increase at that location.

3. You can register daily, once a day.

4. Become an Apostle! Inform those who live near or in yet unmarked areas about the project, so that there wouldn’t be any cities and towns left out!

<img class=”wp-image-12874″ style=”width: 40px;” src=”” alt=””> With your donation

1. Don’t be indifferent and join in with a good deed. With your donation, help the nearest charity organisation, a parish or a fund in your country, that care about the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

And if you live in Lithuania:

1. Support those affected by the pandemic by sending your donation to the Caritas Lithuania bank account. (all the donations raised will go to the persons and families experiencing social isolation during the pandemic).

2. To sign up on a support map (click on the red button and select “Financial donation”). After filling in the fields, you will be redirected to the donation platform.

4. The information on how the donations are used will be provided on the Caritas website >> (in lithuanian).

Our Lady of Šiluva, Health of the Sick, pray for us!

Easter Greeting by Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Petar Rajič

Easter Monday April the 13th and the traditional Mary’s Day in Šiluva

Mother’s Day on May 3rd 

The initiative is not over yet, we invite you to continue not only to pray, donate but also to celebrate together! On the first Sunday of May we all will celebrate Mother’s Day. On that day we will pray for mothers, those who are with us and those who have already left us, devoting special words to the Mother of God in Heaven, the Virgin Mary.

Did you know that in the most famous Loreto litany dedicated to Mary, she is referred to as Mother for 13 times?

The detailed timetable of the Mass of the Mother’s Day will be announced in the nearest future.

The project is supported by:

The Archdiocese of Kaunas | Raseiniai District Municipality | PI “Atrask Raseinius” | Šiluva Parish | Caritas Lithuania