2021 Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference in Siluva

Faculty of Catholic Theology at Vytautas Magnus University

Siluva Piligrim Centre

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2021 Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference in Siluva

11th of June 2021

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11th of June










Faculty of Catholic Theology, Vytautas Magnus University, Siluva Piligrim centre and Raseiniai district municipality

Travel’s paradigm shift in the 21st century: consumers or pilgrims?

Today ever greater interest is being shown in religious tourism, which encompasses and combines in its own way the phenomena of travel and pilgrimage. As people’s way of life changes, with new links emerging between the environment and quality of life and bolder discussion of spiritual experiences and the psychotherapeutic value of various experiences, the notion of tourism is being enriched with new meanings. It is increasingly stressed that travels offer an opportunity to discover reality anew, and travelling is seen as an act not just of movement and curiosity but also of (self-)reflection, opening the way to a renewed relationship with the world and oneself. As tourism’s objectives are reconsidered, new forms of tourism are being born, “slow tourism” for example. The phenomena of tourism and pilgrimage are converging – both in their own way invite the traveller to wake from the sleep of routine and examine their life’s trajectory. In practice, this convergence of goals makes it possible to combine tourism and pilgrimage in new ways.

At the conference, we invite representatives of all academic disciplines to discuss these issues:

How is religious tourism understood in 2021? What trends and links most stand out today in combining tourism and pilgrimage? How does religious tourism help reveal the relationship between tourism and lifestyle, faith and secularity, traditions and innovations, the local and the global, meaning and pragmatism?

At the same time, we will ask at the conference how to revive and develop pilgrimages and religious tourism after the pandemic, support regional development through religious tourism, and create and organize opportunities for religious tourism in traditional places of pilgrimage.

Topics of the conference:

  1. Today’s travellers: tourists, vacationers, consumers and pilgrims.
  2. Pilgrimages in the context of slow tourism.
  3. From local to global: regions and their impact on national tourism strategies.
  4. Christian places of pilgrimage as a chance for people of diverse views to meet.
  5. The theology of pilgrimages and travelling.

Submission the title of the presentation and abstract

Please submit the title of your presentation and the abstract (up to 200 words) in English by sending an email to komunikacija@siluva.lt until 7th of May. All authors will be informed about the approval of their abstracts until 15th of May. Estimated time of each presentation in the plenary session is 25 min., in sections – 15 min.

Conference participation fee – 20 Eur. Participation fee for students – 10 Eur.

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