On the way from Raseiniai to Šiluva travelers are captivated by the abundance of crosses and wayside shrines.

This project of Road of Crosses began in 2012 and was dedicated to the 600th anniversary of Samogitian baptism in 2013.

In August, a plein-air took place, during which 12 well-known woodworkers from all over Lithuania created over thirty sculptures from oak.

All of them were built on an 18 kilometer stretch between Raseiniai and Šiluva. On August 26, all of them were solemnly consecrated by Sigitas Tamkevičius, Archbishop Metropolitan of Kaunas.

It is the first such Road of Crosses in Lithuania.

2017-2019 The Road of Crosses has been renewed: each of the 20 stops now has Rosary chapels built next to the existing wooden crosses. The works depicting each mystery form the stops of the mysteries of the Rosary: Joyful Mystery, Luminous Mystery, Sorrowful Mystery and Glorious Mystery.

Foto: Krzysztof Błażyca / Gość Niedzielny