We find this chapel in the basilica, behind a huge wooden door to the right of the presbytery (front of the basilica, at the altar).

Historical sources testify that this chapel may have been next to the church as early as 1843, around 1908 it was renewed.

In 1911, when the construction of the new Chapel of the Apparition began, the altar of the old chapel with the statue of the Virgin Mary, called “The Health of the Sick”, was moved there.

This became the name of this chapel, although until now it has been called the Chapel of Historical Jewels because of the treasures it preserves. This marble sculpture of Our Lady was created in England in the middle of the 18th century. In 1770 it was erected on the altar of the Chapel of Apparition, in place of the cross that had been shot. On September 8, 1886, when celebrating the Centennial of the coronation of the painting, this sculpture, standing at the scene of Mary’s apparition, was solemnly crowned. When the statue was moved to the Chapel of the Health of the Sick, due to its the low vault, the crowns were left taken off and kept separately.

The Chapel also preserves the historical the image of the Crucifix, shot through Calvinist and Catholic quarrels in 1669. Until 2009, the chapel also contained an excavated coffer and the arnote found in it, as well as the bishop’s stick – a pastorale, gloves, sandals and miters, the priests of Šiluva had the privilege to wear them when holding solemn Mass. The latter values later were transferred to the Šiluva History Museum.

Pilgrims who come to Šiluva always visit this modest chapel hidden under the roof of the magnificent basilica. They ask for patronage of Our Lady of Šiluva so that the Lord could restore their physical and spiritual health. Here they also pray for inner healing of their own as well as the whole country. A number of votive offerings hanging around the altar testify about all the prayers of the faithful that were heard.

During the cold season the chapel is heated, therefore on weekdays the Holy Mass takes place there.