Jono Pauliaus II str. 2, Šiluva
       8 am – 8 pm (May-September)
       8 am – 4 pm (October-April)

Short history

After the news broke out among the people that Virgin Mary appeared on the rock more and more people started going there to pray. Local Catholics, strengthened by this apparition, respected and decorated this place, prayed and sang hymns there.

The first chapel was built in the first half of the 17th century. The second one – in 1663, its altar was built on the rock that Virgin Mary appeared on. In the same place in 1818, the third chapel was built, a statue of Mary, which was brought from London and called the Health of the Sick, was placed in its altar. The fourth and still remaining Chapel of the Apparition was built in 1912-1924, designed by architect A. Vivulskis.

Over the ages, the rock on which Virgin Mary appeared remained in the foundation and symbolizes the authenticity of this place. The altar is installed in the middle of the chapel, you can walk around it and often pilgrims walk their way around on their knees expressing their humility, repentance and devotion to Virgin Mary.


Interior of the chapel was designed during the Soviet times. This period in history was very harsh since the attempt was constantly made to pull Christian art from the society. It was hard to find artists that would take on this job. From the notes of the inventory of the Šiluva Church we know that wall painting compositions were painted during 1979-1980 by three different artists.

Apparition of the Virgin Mary in Šiluva
(arch over the right entrance)

Apparition of the Virgin Mary in Šiluva. K. Andziulis

The painting shows a historical event of when the crying Virgin Mary with a Child in her arms appeared to the little shepherds protecting their herds. Solomon, the rector of the Calvinist seminary, is painted on the right as he hurried there together with other villagers after hearing the news of the event.

The Finding of the Coffer
(arch over the portal)

The Finding of the Coffer. A. Degutis

The painter depicted a scene when in the moment of the Apparition a coffer containing documents and items from the old Catholic church of Šiluva was found. Characters recognized in the composition: An old man who showed where the coffer was buried.

Crowning of the Miraculous Painting of Virgin Mary
(arch over the left entrance)

Crowning of the Miraculous Painting of Virgin Mary. A. Pilipavičius, V. Dautaras

The painting portrays the crowning moment of the miraculous painting of Virgin Mary and the Child on September 8th, 1786.

The Consecration of the Foundation of the Chapel in Šiluva
(arch over the organs) 

The Consecration of the Foundation of the Chapel in Šiluva. A. Degutis

This image shows the festivities which took place during the consecration of the foundation of the Chapel of the Apparition of Virgin Mary on July 2nd, 1912. On the right of the composition the prelate Jonas Mačiulis – Maironis is depicted consecrating the foundation.